Mal Pais and its region

Useful information

Mal Pais is a peaceful fishing village that has become popular among surfers and nature-lovers. It hugs the coastline along a 5km stretch with small houses, a few restaurants and a little fishing port. Nature is omnipresent and famous howler monkeys, blue jays and other animals are easily spotted when you are out on a walk. The village is surrounded by hills offering breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean. To the South, the village is bordered by the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve that abounds with rich and diverse fauna and flora. To the North is “El Cruce” where the road from Cobano ends and where one can find the famous “Playa Carmen” that separates Mal Pais from Santa Teresa.

When travelers return from Mal Pais and talk about their journey, they in fact often talk about the region of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa as a whole: although these two villages are very close to each other, they have completely different atmospheres.

Mal Pais is much more peaceful and remote than its neighbor Santa Teresa which has seen a great deal of development over the last few years. However, rest assured, even in Santa Teresa there isn’t a large luxury resort or a multi-story building in sight… Travelers and surfers don’t come to the region for that! On the other hand, there are numerous restaurants, boutiques and convenience stores that are very handy on a daily basis and have all the essentials to take a trip from good to great.  Both villages perfectly complement each other, but for those looking for the privilege of being immersed in nature and enjoying a truly relaxing emptiness of mind, Mal Pais is the perfect place to be.

Our plots of land are ideally situated in Mal Pais, just 1km away from “El Cruce” and its stores and restaurants, a 15-minute walk from the beach, in a peaceful spot surrounded by lush greenery and offering stunning views of the Ocean.

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