A highly appealing destination

Mal Pais, a charming and naturally beautiful fishing village, enjoys a unique location between ocean and rainforest.

At its southern border is the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the country’s very first site to become a protected area and where a superb walk leads to a magnificent beach that can only be accessed on foot.

To the North is the neighboring village of Santa Teresa offering the biggest concentration of shops, restaurants and small hotels.

Our parcels of land are ideally located. They are nestled in the calm and beautiful Mal Pais while being only a few hundred meters away from “El Cruce” (the crossroads marking the border between Mal Pais, Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa) and from all the stores (banks, drugstore, restaurants, convenience stores, etc.).

Several international stars have claimed their own piece of tropical paradise here, Mel Gibson and Gisele Bündchen own magnificent homes on the heights of Mal Pais, not far from our plots of land. Others such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, to name but a few, have come to enjoy their vacation in the region.

Sustainable development and thriving tourism go hand-in-hand
Explosive growth can occasionally raise concerns for some investors, how many charming villages by the sea have been spoilt by overdevelopment and turned into giant tourist traps?

This is far from being the case here in the Mal Pais region, there are no big resorts, no high-rise buildings. It isn’t in the region’s DNA. However, there are a multitude of small trendy restaurants and eco-lodges that have contributed to putting the region on the map.

The area’s development centers around surf and outdoor sports, yoga and gastronomy but above all ensuring nature remains unspoiled because its off-the-beaten-track charm is a huge part of the area’s appeal.

Mal Pais is often called a small paradise on earth and its inhabitants insist on keeping it that way. They want to continue appealing to an upscale clientele and celebrities looking for peacefulness and closeness to nature.

On our plots of land, it wouldn’t be rare to see a group of monkeys taking a nap in the trees or to spot some blue jays and other exotic birds from your terrace against a magnificent ocean backdrop.

High rental yield

Vacation rental villas are in high demand and, with scarce competition in the luxury market, rental prices can rise rapidly at certain periods of the year. With great occupancy rates on the whole, you can expect your investment to generate income all year-long.

We work with specialists in vacation rental property management, who will take care of every aspect of the process to maximize return on your investment.

Attractive property prices

We offer 5,000m2 minimum plots of building land that are less than a 10-minute walk away from the beach, some with spectacular ocean views, in beautiful natural surroundings that provide an exceptional habitat for wildlife with monkeys, birds, etc. Prices start at approximately $40 per square meter. It goes without saying that few regions in the world combine an appealing vacation destination with a solid and secure legal system, political stability and thriving economy.

Prices are steadily rising each year as land available for development, especially near the beach, is becoming scarce.

Substantial capital gain potential

Mal Pais offers great capital gain potential, in particular when starting from scratch with building land. A well-built luxury villa in the heights of Mal Pais can easily become a 7-figure property transaction, according to interior, size, view, etc.

Managing a real estate project remotely – land acquisition and construction from concept to completion – is no easy task if you are doing it alone and yet it’s the strategy offering the greatest potential for future capital gain. This is why we provide a construction project coordination service with professionals who will be taking care of your interests in the field and making sure everything is running smoothly throughout the entire process. We have been present in Costa Rica for 30 years now and work with the best companies and experts in their domain, such as the architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe.