Avocats et Notaires Malpais Costa Rica

Expert legal advice

In a foreign country, it isn’t always easy to find the best attorney for your legal needs and peace of mind.

With over several decades’ experience in Costa Rica, we know who to work with when navigating local legal waters and ensure our client’s real estate investment comes with absolute certainty in terms of project completion. (à phrase pour le bloc home page)

In Costa Rica, we work with Cresco Legal, a firm based in Santa Ana (very close to the capital San José). They are also present in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, India and have offices in the USA and Singapore.

Furthermore, they work in collaboration with other law firms all over the world.

We have been working closely with them for several years now. They are highly professional and have English-speaking staff. They always provide prompt communication and follow client-centered values.

Furthermore, they bring substantial expertise in Costa Rican real estate law and are always formulators of solutions. They are attorneys and notaries, which means they are able to approach each client’s issues from a global perspective.

They provide invaluable assistance and help choosing the best legal form to suit your project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish find out more.