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We presently have building plots for sale in the Costa Rican village of Mal Pais, located along the Pacific coast in Guanacaste. This small fishing village is well-known among surfers and travelers keen on avoiding crowds of tourists. It is a true paradise on earth for people who love being in nature, surfing, walking, fishing or simply relaxing in the tropics. It is no wonder it’s so popular among international stars who enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, far away from the paparazzi.

The parcels of land are located on a hill by the ocean and covered in forest. The plots’ minimum surface area is 5.000m2, offering ocean views for the most part. It is possible to build on up to 10% of a plot’s total surface area. For a 5.000m2 plot, the buildable area is therefore theoretically 500m2, more than enough to create a beautiful villa.

The sand is only minutes away as you just need to walk down the hill to be on the beach. “El Cruce”, the crossroads that mark the border with Santa Teresa and its many shops and restaurants is only 1km away and very easily accessible on foot along the beach or by bike.

Several buyers have already taken the plunge and made the strategic investment of acquiring a parcel of land. For example, at the guest house Vista Naranja, and the 4-bedroom villa Villa Makasi (take a look at the views from these two properties ?).

What if you were to become one of their neighbors? ?

Administrative and construction regulations / requirements

In Costa Rica, acquisitions in real estate and residential building are both regulated sectors, which is a good thing as this means your investment is legally secure while contributing to protecting the natural beauty of the coast and environment.

A residential building project therefore necessarily requires legal assistance (lawyer, notary), a project coordinator (to represent you in the field) and a general contractor (architectural firm).

We have joined forces with professionals with high levels of expertise in these three domains and as a team we will be accompanying you throughout your project and taking care of your interests on the field.

For example, we work in close collaboration with the Costa Rican star of architecture, Benjamin Garcia Saxe, who has already begun working on Luxury Villa projects on our sites (see photos below) and who, upon visiting the sites, was amazed by their spectacular views over the ocean. He already knows the region very well, as he has already created several projects around Mal Pais, in particular the Villas Joya in Santa Teresa and Casa Flotanta in Manzanillo.

And what if we told you that the views from some of our sites are even more spectacular than these two examples?

And once the villa of my dreams has been created?

It’s a no-brainer! We will continue to provide you with support.

In your absence, we can deliver solutions for looking after your house, garden, cleaning and, above all, managing your rental property.

Indeed, with a beautiful architect-designed villa where the first thing you see in the morning is an unobstructed expanse of ocean, holiday rentals can represent several thousands of dollars a week in Mal Pais. It is therefore the ideal solution to maximize returns on development and simultaneously compensate maintenance, house sitting, etc.

The real estate market in Mal Pais

Most land is subject to the agricultural easement system that protects Mal Pais from large construction projects (the 10% rule quoted above). Mal Pais’ natural charm will, therefore, remain untouched over future years. The market is at a dynamic moment in the region, indeed there is hardly any real estate available in Santa Teresa and the prices of villas are rapidly rising.

It is important to consider that in Mal Pais, starting with a greenfield site to build your villa offers much better growth prospects than purchasing a move-in-ready villa, due to property prices that have already become very high. A villa with ocean-view and pool aren’t negotiable under one million euros in the Mal Pais region, and prices can go much higher according to various factors (architecture, view, size, interior, location, etc.).

To conclude, the capital gains tax on property in Costa Rica is low, and prices in Mal Pais have been constantly rising over the past 15 years…

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