Way of life in Altos de Mal Pais

Life in Altos de Mal Pais can be summarized in just two simple words, the motto and national expression of Costa Rica: “Pura Vida”.

Walking around Mal Pais, one could easily think the saying was born here, in this small fishing village surrounded by ocean waters and lush rainforest-covered hills.

Its breathtaking beauty has put this village on the map and yet it has something that is very rare in the world we live in. Despite its international renown, it has kept its soul and intimacy alive, that something special which, when you first arrive here, makes you feel like an adventurer, a pioneer.

When night falls, the first time the sky breaks into a blazing sunset across the horizon leaves one speechless.

Early morning, the monkeys and birds remind us how important feeling part of nature is to our physical and mental health.

Walking on the beach, the sounds of the waves have a calming effect on the mind. It comes as no surprise that surfing is such a popular sport in the region.

In Mal Pais, food is characterized by being simple and yet nothing tastes like it does in our cities and everything is deliciously nutritious. A multitude of small restaurants never cease to amaze us with their talent for elevating any food they prepare.

Altos de Mal Pais has all of these simple and oh so important pleasures that life has to offer with, of course, the privilege of enjoying them in an idyllic setting, from hills offering views over the ocean and rainforest that are nothing less than magnificent. The ideal location to build your villa, your haven of peace where you will experience special moments with your family and friends, and create memories that last a lifetime.